Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Bumper Sticker I Will Never Get

So I have a bumper sticker right now that says Peace, Love, Homeschool. And it's cool and it's okay, but there's not a lot of peace going on. I like my bumper stickers to reflect who I am, and I am not a zen hippie. I'm a chaotic hippie.

So the sticker above I will NEVER get ...because I park in the driveway a lot and we live across the street from a public school. I think if I had this sticker on my van I would be asking to get sugar in my gas tank or to have my van egged.


  1. It really wouldn't be you at all. Negativity attracts negativity and whilst I am awful at falling in to that zone by accident, I wouldn't purposefully go in to it, so I would not buy that either.
    Much better to state the positive of your choices.



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