Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Simple Plan Homeschool Planner 2014-2015: Ordered with Coupon Code!

If you have come across this post to find out about A Simple Plan Homeschool Planner, you can also check out my update here on the blog! Welcome!

I immediately loved A Simple Plan Homeschool Planner 2013-2014 when I found it last summer at Mardel. I love how it goes for an entire year and has plenty of space for big families to add all their activities. I do like to plan ahead, but I also like to fill some things in later after we do them, and this is perfect for that. Yes, it's got Bible verses in it, but if you aren't feeling the religion thing, just ignore them and use this planner anyway!

So I kept checking Mardel's website to find out when the new planner would be available for order. I know it's not even May yet and I'm wanting a planner that starts July 1, but I love to have it and don't want them to run out!

Now, I don't like to pay full price for things. This planner is $19.99 through but through trial and error I found a coupon code (HSPROMO38) that would work at checkout and I saved FIVE WHOLE BUCKS! I got the coupon code here but you might want to play around because they do expire. Find one that works because saving 25% is so worth it!

Here's a terrific YouTube review of the planner so you can see it in action!

And since I like to use two spaces per kid on some things, I might buy this student planner for my oldest, who will be 13 this summer.

The cool thing is that the planner I'm going to be using has 6 sections of 6 lines, so you could give each kid their own section of 6 lines and plan/fill in later what they do each day or you can make each section a SUBJECT and make each line a kid. Got it? Good. Or if it gets too messy, just get the older ones their own planner, set it up, help them plan and stay accountable and stuff. It's good for them for the future ... somehow, right?

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