Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Taking Charge of Our Homeschool Calendar/Schedule

My Facebook post today:

YES! Had a homeschool conference with the kids and we have decided to not take off the traditional summer but starting this fall we will be taking off the months of OCTOBER, DECEMBER and MAY ... our craziest activity months made less stressful. And by "off" I mean still doing a math lesson a day and some reading. Can't let their minds rot, now can I? ‪#‎hopeful‬ #takingchargeofmystress

I realized that the whole point of homeschooling is to be able to customize everything ... tailor learning to the kid, tailor the schedule.

Some kids learn best at night.

Some kids learn best right after waking up.

No kid learns best in a stressful environment.

So why try to force homeschooling during our most stressful months? Why not take advantage of those lazy summer mornings that are so hot we are stuck inside anyway?

Then take off an entire month 3 times a year to make room for vacations and field trips and making new friends?!

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