Monday, October 3, 2011

Homeschool Math Problems for Today

If I have 3 kids awake and 2 kids sleeping and 2 more kids on the way because one of those kids' mom is teaching at school and one of those kids doesn't HAVE school, how many kids will be in my house today? And when my husband comes home for lunch, how many bodies will be in a house that is 1,555 square feet total, including the basement?

If I pick up one toy every 5 minutes but 3 different kids are going behind me each dropping 2 toys, how many toys will have accumulated on the floor by 5 p.m.?

If I get to a garage sale today and the seller has 100 Pokemon cards for $2.00, how much is each card? And then how long will it take me to play a full game with each of my kids?

If I pull out one of my hairs every minute, how many hairs will I have accumulated in a pile after about 6 hours?

Math is all around you, folks! Now print out this "worksheet" for your kids and have them work the problems and get back to me. Then you can log your math requirement for the day :-)

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