Thursday, October 6, 2011

Homeschool Harvest Party

Here's my tweet from just now:

"Looks like I'm planning the homeschool Harvest Party ... why do I feel like I'm on an episode of Donald Trump's "Homeschool Apprentice"?"

Sometimes you do stuff for your kids, you know? Do I have time to do this? No.

Do I know what a Harvest Party is? No.

But I will dang well find out (thanks to the Internet), and I will work it out, and it will rock.

Then I will write an article about how to have a Harvest Party and it will make me millions of dollars. HAHAHA!

Seriously, though, my kids can help me and see how to plan a party. Maybe they will be party planners when they grow up. Maybe because I volunteered to do this one little thing my 5 kids will start a business called McLoughlin Party Planning and have a reality show about it.

HappyElfMom, you'd better come!

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