Friday, October 14, 2011

Homeschool Harvest Party Planning Meeting

So a whopping THREE of us showed up at the planning meeting. We also brought along 11 kids between us that needed to be occupied while we met. My oldest was sick, so he slept on the stage in the gym of the church with his pillow and blanket. The baby pinched his fingers in the door. I spilled peach smoothie all over myself and the floor.

And we rocked the planning. It's really not hard when you have a plan.

My plan was to find someone to head up DECORATING, GAMES, CRAFTS and FOOD. Then we decided everyone brings their own food since people are so allergic and picky these days. They can dress in costume or not. There are those who LOVE doing crafts and games and decorating, and I leave that to them. All I did was book the venue (I love that word!), send some emails and come to the meeting. Now I'll send out a note to everyone involved about what they are to do for the party.

This will be a snap! On to the Christmas party ...

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