Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Homeschool Socialization Conversation Starters

I hate when ignorant people act like homeschooled kids are weird. They even cite examples of kids they knew who started school later after being homeschooled who were "strange" and did not fit in.

I have some questions for these morons:

  1. So you went to school and you are so socially fabulous and perfect? I mean, I personally am, but I'm an anomoly.
  2. How many "freaks" do you know who went to school, either private or public?
  3. How many amazing homeschooled kids have you met? Probably not a lot because you aren't in contact with them. Seek them out and you will see that they exist in droves. I meet cool homeschooled teens every single day who can hold a conversation with me like no public school kid could!
  4. Can you be awesome like me and realize that there is no "perfect" educational choice and that we are all doing the best we can and are doing what we feel called to do?
  5. Can you imagine that not every parent who homeschools keeps their kid in seclusion from the world? Some of those "weird" kids you came across maybe never left the house.
  6. When you met these homeschooled kids, were you a judgmental jerk to them or did you try to befriend them? Do you want your own children to be like you were?
Just some conversation starters, friends!

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