Friday, September 23, 2011

What Counts as Homeschooling?

My husband thinks I'm fudging it when I do this, but today he asked me if we got our "homeschooling" done today. He knew we were gone pretty much all day long, so I gave him the run-down (sorry I don't have photos; forgot the camera!):

English: Magic Treehouse books on CD in the car on the way to Lawrence, about half an hour away.

Math: figuring out HP on Pokemon games and cards. Figuring out how much money Mommy will make since she got a writing assignment at $25 per week. How much is that per month? Per year? What if she gets fired for being snotty and only has the gig for 3 months?

Debate: watching me argue with the childless mean young woman at the nature center because it was not logical that I could be attending to all 6 kids with me but that I could not have kids older than 4 in the preschool room. Asking the woman why she accused my kids of tapping on snake glass and "tormenting" them when they did not even touch the glass.

Science: nature center and natural history museum and pet store

History: natural history museum

Chemistry: putting capsules in water and watching the gelatin dissolve so spongey dinosaurs would emerge

Social: we had a friend come with us because she was out of school.

PE: playing ball with Daddy in the backyard

Nutrition:talking about how bad our lunch was for us (Lunchables from Aldi)

Music: listening to music in the car and talking about it

Art: they'll probably draw later

Business: watching Mommy concoct new tater tot casseroles so she can put them in the cookbook for to sell

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