Friday, April 10, 2015

Figuring Out My Daughter's Homeschooling Style

My other kids come to me to do their schoolwork pretty willingly. My daughter I have to practically chase down and beg and plead with to get her to do anything. I made the mistake once of saying she learns better at night and she has run with that and refuses to do any schoolwork in the mornings. So I gave up because I have other kids to fry. I mean, fish to homeschool?

Yesterday I popped her on and she did so many lessons I was shocked. She would freak out if she got a 90% instead of 100% and go into a drama-filled soliloquy fit for a girl on a Disney show, but she did the work. She has quite a bit of match catching-up to do so this is terrific! I feel hopeful for the summer and for next year!

Then it hit me. She likes to work independently. My older son and I like to work side-by-side and my next son is somewhere in between but this girl likes to do it herself with VERY minimal help from me.

Since she still struggles with reading a bit but did well with a program we tried a year or so ago called Reading Eggs, I am going to order that program for her today. If my kids can play games and have fun and still learn something, I'm happy.

There are all kinds of helpful things on the Internet about how to figure out your kid's learning style. But just observing them without the busy chaos of daily life is so important and is something I had not taken the time to do, I am ashamed to admit. Then we took a trip to Houston to be with my husband while he worked and I had some time away from our normal life to just observe my kids instead of manage them. I'm finding out some pretty cool things and have since dropped some things off my Life Plate so I can focus on homeschooling as much as I should be.

How's your homeschooling journey going?

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