Saturday, September 6, 2014

Unboxing Our #Calvert Curriculum Goodies! Eva, Kindergarten and Samuel, PreK #Homeschooling

I wanted to share our unboxing posts and pictures!

The other day we got another large box from Calvert. Each kid’s curriculum is coming at a different time and I am glad about that so I can focus on each kid and take pictures and we can put the goodies away. I have to say it again: this cost us $45 for a box worth about $700-1,000 if we bought it alone. And we get a facilitator. The downside is we are on a school district’s timeline but I’ll take that trade-off to save hours upon hours of time in lesson planning.
There are So Many Books and resources and then even more online fun stuff like streaming Discovery Channel and BrainPop and other things.
We are all set for everything my kindergartner Eva needs for this year. Lots of fun books and activities and we are looking forward to getting started. We’re easing into it! Eva is super excited because we have never done “formal” school and she is wanting to read.

Eva, Kindergarten

Samuel, Pre-K
Samuel was not going to be left out so I went to WalMart and got him a Pre-K workbook and some supplies to try to match what Eva got!


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