Saturday, September 6, 2014

Unboxing Our #Calvert Curriculum Goodies! Joel, Seventh Grade #Homeschool

I wanted to share our unboxing posts and pictures! Check labels for Fifth Grade, Third Grade and Kindergarten (also, preschool) for the rest of the kids!

We got back from our vacation with +Mr.Kerrie’s family on Labor Day evening. When we got home there was a large box in the kitchen that my stepdad had brought in for us over the weekend. It was my oldest kid’s curriculum for the year. I have to say it again: this cost us $45 for a box worth about $700-1,000 if we bought it alone. And we get a facilitator. The downside is we are on a school district’s timeline but I’ll take that trade-off to save hours upon hours of time in lesson planning.
There are So Many Books and resources and then even more online fun stuff like streaming Discovery Channel and BrainPop and other things.
We are all set for Math, Composition, Grammar, Spelling, Writing, History, Science, Art History, Reading, Geography and Computer Skills. Lots of fun books and activities and we are looking forward to getting started. We’re easing into it! My son is not thrilled because I let things go a bit over the years but he is super bright and I’m not worried that he is going to be a rock star at this (all the kids will rock this!).
Joel, Seventh Grade

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