Friday, September 6, 2013

Homeschooling Through Remodeling

English class. The writing is literally on the wall. I got out my red pen and corrected the word. Just kidding!
We recently decided to rip up our nasty pink carpet in our living room and dining room and sand/shellac the hardwood floors. This process took about a week of Mr. Kerrie working hard and tweaking things so everything looks amazing. For a while the couch was in the garage and the kids had a blast hanging out there. For a while the bookshelves were in the playroom upstairs and finding things was not easy.

One day I looked at the bookshelf upstairs and thought about how, even though it might only be a week, I should unbox those dang books to get some semblance of order and to make it easier to find things anyway. We "officially" started school on the 3rd and I wanted to be able to find some books.
BEFORE, view into the living room
AFTER, view out of the dining room
Today is the 6th and we are getting things back in order. I don't want to go back to having crap tossed all over the shelves so I'm carefully unpacking the re-boxed books I brought downstairs to put on shelves. I'm recycling a lot of paper items. I'm giving away a lot of things we'll never use.

This post is to let you know there will ALWAYS be challenges along the road of homeschooling, whether that means remodeling or being sick or having a sick child or being pregnant or caring for an aging relative or coping with a job loss or a husband who travels or WHATEVER.

Just come here for support. You'll get through it; trust me!

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