Saturday, August 3, 2013

Little Passports ... Can't Wait for the Next One!

My older boys used to be in this program called Top Secret Adventures from the makers of Highlights. About every month or so a new kit would come with a new country to study and a new crime to solve. They got bored with it after a few months, but lately have been asking for something else to do like it.

Thank God for Facebook or I wouldn’t know anything. I saw Little Passports on someone’s wall and checked it out. I ordered the older kid one for my 10-year-old son, and it includes stuff related to the United States and came with a disposable camera, a file pouch, a scratch book, a map, a passport, etc.

My 5-year-old daughter really wanted to try it, too, so I got her one. It arrived quickly. Hers is of the world and includes the same characters, Sam and Sophia. She has a map, a passport, a photo, a booklet, all in a medium-sized cardboard suitcase.

And, yes, then Sam wanted his own suitcase of goodies, so I have now ordered THREE of these. Just waiting for the other 2 kids to become squeaky wheels. Think they have a family discount package?!

I only did a one-time order for the program so I could see if we liked it. I think we’ll be signing up for the extended program, though! 

So click here to check out the USA edition! 
Little Passports USA Edition

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