Monday, April 15, 2013


I found when I was Googling math worksheet helps. I get sick of buying workbooks that are full of fluff and that sit on my shelves. And I also get sick of getting workbooks for my older kids that are full of pages and pages of the same darn thing. I mean, once they get it, the get it, you know?! (interabang!)

So since I'm now trying to make sure my kids are learning much of what they are "supposed" to know (as well as tossing in puh-lenty of play and free and reading time!), I don't have to worry about having every stinking resource imaginable on my shelves. I'm not that homeschooling mom with 10,000+ books on her shelves. We have plenty for the kids to read and learn from, then we supplement with the library!

Okay, so I found and signed up because I get 10 free worksheets per month. Soon I found that wasn't going to be enough. I could either sign up for $3.99/month and pay for a year all at once or I could sign up for 1 month at a time at $4.99 (and they gave me a free month via email, probably because I was waffling). So as of the other day I'm sitting on a free month then only pay $4.99 per month to print all the worksheets I want.

The more expensive monthly plan only allows me a limited number of entire mini-workbooks, but that's okay because there are so many worksheets and slideshows and activity ideas that I think I'm all set.

What I'm saying, people, is that when I need to teach a kid about symmetry, I print some fun-looking worksheets, we cover it til the kid gets it, then we are done. Maybe we come back to it in a year to make sure it stuck. Oh, and the stuff on their site goes all the way through high school, from preschool!

So it is possible to homeschool for CHEAP! (of course I'll be spending a fortune on printer ink!)

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