Saturday, April 6, 2013

Homeschool Plays

Last night was one of my homeschool group's Spring Play. It was so great to have my mom, my in-laws, my friend Angeliina and her family and my brother-in-law and his kids (one of them our godson!) attend. Even the chaplain from Joel's Scout troop came!

I looked around the gym and was really happy that my kids have made some real friends, and so have I.

Homeschool Socialization. Check.

Halfway through the second play I remembered how, when I first wanted to homeschool, my mom was concerned about things like Christmas musicals and school plays and "school-type"activities she would miss.

Two kids in a play. Check.

This morning my oldest is off to go pick up trash at a stream for a few hours with Scouts.

Volunteering and being a good citizen. Check. (wait,they don't do that kind of stuff in school! what kind of hippie homeschool am I running here?)

Have a great day!

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