Friday, November 4, 2011

Life of Fred Math: Apples

I think I may have finally found a math program that my kids will like. It's probably no shock to you that my family loves humor. We hate dry worksheets and dry workbooks and repetitive crap. So when someone on my Facebook homeschool group gave a glowing review of the Life of Fred series, I had to check it out.

I went here to order my first book, Life of Fred: Apples. I went through his ordering house, ZTwist Books, and paid a flat $16 for it. I paid through PayPal, and at first PayPal tried to charge me for shipping, but I just hit the back button and tried my order again, and PayPal got a clue and took off the shipping. We got our book within a few days.

It's the first book in his entire series, which runs through Calculus, something I can't even comprehend in my wittle head right now.

Callie, who is 6, LOVES IT. It is a silly book written like a story with a couple of math questions at the end of each chapter. My older boys LOVE it also. I figured I'd read the story to them, too, since I'll be buying ALL the books in the series to use with all my kids. My husband is not a fan because, after all, how can learning be FUN? It wasn't fun for us! And he believes in the workbooks and worksheets and repetition until you are pulling out your hair. We'll just have to show him that the kids can learn and have fun at the same time!

Click here for sample pages from the books. Gotta go ... all Callie wants to do anymore is read this book. I'd better go order the next book, or the entire set!

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