Saturday, August 20, 2016

No Homework? This Chick is Gonna Get So Fired!

I found this little gem on Facebook and loved it! I'm not saying homework is evil or anything, but I've always wondered why we can't get our work done in the 7 hours we are at school, even considering the wasted time lining up, trying to get everyone quiet, answering questions and explaining things over and over again for those who did not understand.

At our co-op, I understand giving homework for the high school kids because if you are only physically in class 1 hour a week then you need to supplement that outside of class to get a full credit on a high school transcript. But for elementary school kids? Not necessary! Middle school should have some, I suppose, just to gear them up for high school. And I understand some homework in high school to get kids ready for college.

Some families will love this new homework policy but others will just let their kids sit on video games all night instead. Some will actually spend more time with their kids but some will just check out like always.

I admire school teachers very much.  They just want to light up the lives of kids and that has to be difficult when they are sandwiched between administrators who are often out of touch and parents who are also often out of touch. It is my hope and prayer that this homework policy for this specific class makes a difference in the lives of the kids and the parents :-)

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