Thursday, March 26, 2015

#HomeschoolMoms are a Special Breed

This is a great article on Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers titled 10 Things You Should Know About Homeschool Moms.

Bear with me while I comment on some of the points:

1. I do not have an extra amount of patience. I have to work at it, and sometimes I yell.

2. I don't have a teaching degree but I know how to teach something 10 different ways, and it's easy when I don't have 25 other kids to try to keep quiet or to make them understand it also.

3. Hey, lady at the Catholic school (you know who you are): stop trying to recruit me! I'm cool with my choice.

4. I am not an amazing cook and I don't iron or sew. I am more of a fun-teaching mom, and of course I also fit in the basics, all while running my freelance writing/editing business. I don't have time to also be SuperHuman Domestic Goddess. Priorities.

I am all of these! (
5. I love learning things again or things that never "took" the first time!

6. Algebra freaks me out but I know I can learn it again my own way and teach it. If that fails, my husband can teach it, since we are like puzzle pieces that fit together and complement each other in the knowledge are.

7. Sometimes I worry that my kids aren't learning EVERYTHING they are supposed to know. Then I realize most of us only probably retained 10% of what we learned in school, and I hit it again the next day, knowing they can always look stuff up later that they don't retain. As long as they know basic things like reading, writing, math and research skills, they can do anything!

8. I am not perfect and do make mistakes. I learn from them, move on, explain to my kids that I messed up.

9. I'm not trying to turn my kids against society by homeschooling.

10. We LOVE homeschooling so much! We get to travel with my husband to cool places he works, take days off when we need to, watch cool educational stuff, be together as a family, go on amazing field trips and so much more.

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