Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Homeschool Burnout Help

There came a point where I looked around and realized that most homeschooling families I knew who had kids beyond about 7th grade had put those older kids in school while usually keeping the younger ones at home. I reasoned this must be because kids get more difficult as they get older, as they are finding themselves and turning into mini adults.

I was talking with a friend who is feeling the burnout. I realized I am also feeling it and my signs include avoiding doing school and leaving the house to do other things or calling Animal Jam and Moshi Monsters "school." I found some great links on homeschool burnout in case you are going through some of it. And remember, if you do put your kids in school, you are not a failure. You have to do what is best for your family. I will miss seeing you during the day at homeschool group stuff and my kids will miss your kids, but we understand. Please read on:

Dear Homeschool Mom Who Wants to Quit

The Ever-Rocking Penelope Trunk, mom with Asperger's and has sons with it, as well

Penelope also takes on Parent Burnout

A mom of five talks about putting her kids in school

Yes, I count a day at Science City as "school" ... they are engineering and building and using their minds.


  1. My whole blog is dedicated to encouraging burnt out homeschooling moms, moms considering school, and former homeschooling moms. I have several new posts on homeschool burn out.

    1. Fabulous and thanks for commenting. As soon as I get my Google/Blogger issues worked out I will add your blog to this post!



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