Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Halloween is Coming! That Means Parties! HELP!

I just realized it's time for Halloween parties. This means I have to snap out of it and figure out fun things to take to the homeschool parties since I don't have the excuse of having a baby/toddler anymore. It's time to STEP UP, people!

So I found this, which is super cute, and I emailed Mr. Kerrie to see if he can whip it up with the kids using his mad woodworking skills. It could be a pumpkin instead. We'll see what he says ...

Otherwise, I had to suck it up and hit Pinterest. Here are some cool things I found, and this ain't the half of it. I was just looking for EASY things!

And if you're looking for cute foodie craft ideas and ideas for how to handle the season in general while having tons of fun with your kids, check out my ebook! It's a witchy good deal! All 5-star reviews means I must have done something write. I mean right. Boo!

Got any parties coming up? What are you taking?

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