Monday, June 24, 2013

The Cheap Lesson Plan Book I Use

I'm sitting here looking at our lesson plan book and thinking, "Hmm, maybe I should post a picture of this cheap gem for those who might be looking for a lesson plan book."

I got it at Target for ONE DOLLAR! I need 3 right now and they are each only good for 6 months so you need 2 for a year. So I had to buy 6 for a full year of teaching 3 kids. Most lesson plan books start at the price of $8.

They don't hold together well so I use a binder clip but for a buck, you can't complain!

This book is good for pre-planning or post-planning.This means it's great for the Type A personalities who like to plan in advance and it's great for those who  keep records AFTER they've done something. I'm a mix of both! We don't have to keep records in Kansas, but my Type A part of my brain likes to do it, just in case. Also, because I'm nostalgic and like to look back on all the stuff we've done for learning and for fun. I include social stuff in here, too! A bonus is that you can look back and say to yourself, "We ARE learning! We ARE doing stuff!"

I put subjects at the top like Math, English, Science and History then the other 2 spots are for miscellaneous stuff. I have to cram weekend learning in the Friday spot ;-)

Of course, I am always looking for something new. I would love something that could include ALL my kids and their different ages. I tried the Well-Planned Day but there wasn't enough space on each page for all the stuff we do, so it's best for me to have one planner for each kid at this point, I suppose. This site shows a ton of options for lesson plan books. I was floored!

What do you use, if anything?

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