Sunday, December 11, 2011

Homeschooling is Like Marriage ...

A woman in my homeschool group posted this: "For those who've been doing this awhile (homeschooling) are there known phases you've gone through? For instance, the honeymoon phase, then the settling in phase, then the sheer grit and determination phase? I'm in year 3 and just wondering if these phases are predictable and if the sheer grit and determination phase is going to ease into the happily content and confident phase. :-) (PLEASE say yes.) LOL Perhaps I'm likening homeschooling to marriage in that it takes commitment and love??"

here's my off-the-cuff answer. what's YOUR answer?

"totally. i went from structured and making my kid cry over worksheets to unstructured and watching them actually learn and like it (not for everyone, i must add). when i see a friend's beautiful curriculum i often want to have an affair on my unstructured schooling and dive into buying books, but then my commitment wins out as i realize i don't have the money or space for all that and must homeschool on a shoestring ... the challenges make the marriage work as we plod through them. the content and confident phase is hard to get to ... you have to drown out others' voices and listen to how YOU teach and YOUR kids learn. getting to that trusting point is hard!"

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