Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pokemon Unit Study

So my kids are obsessed with Pokemon right now. They are getting a huge Pokemon education for sure, but I can't find a Pokemon unit study online. I found one site where the writer showed a few books she got for her kid that were Pokemon-specific, but nothing laid out. I'm wondering if I can make up a Pokemon Unit Study to share with homeschoolers as long as I don't sell it?

Topics would include:

Where to get the best deal on Pokemon cards.
Why not to buy Pokemon cards online.
How to play the game in a nutshell.
Research when and where the Pokemon craze started.
Research the city where Pokemon cards were first manufactured.
Link to a site that lets you make your own Pokemon bingo cards.
Link to a bunch of Pokemon books online that you could also hopefully get at your local library.
Talk about baseball cards and how they are collected but you can't play a cool game with them.
Have a lemonade stand to raise money to buy more Pokemon cards.

More ideas before I toss all this into a free ebook?

And if you find you love unit studies as much as we do, just click on the photo to the left of Amanda Bennett unit studies. This woman knows her unit study and has created hundreds of them to keep your kid entertained ... any topic your child is interested in, she probably has a unit study for it! The best part is they are affordable!


  1. Did you ever end up pulling together a unit study? My 5 and 6.5 year old boys have just entered the obsession of Pokemon and I came across your entry while looking for a unit study.

  2. Dang, no. Life got in the way and then they got turned on to Moshi Monsters cards.

  3. Dang, no. Life got in the way and then they got turned on to Moshi Monsters cards.
    see it here



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