Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Our First Day of Homeschooling 2011-2012

Our first "official" day of homeschooling was yesterday. We honestly are learning and doing fun things and reading and more every single day. If I had to keep true records for the State of Kansas, it would not all fit in the confines of my Well-Planned Day planner because we just do too much, together and separately.

Our days are all different. Some days we do a lot of "book" stuff ... worksheets they like, reading, learning about crabs from a book we got at PetCo, etc. Some days are mostly "life" learning days. Some are "craft" days. Some days we combine all sorts of things into one day.

Yesterday we started with some reading from What Your First, Third and Fifth Grader Needs to Know. History, geography, art, music, literature, and some math stuff. We did a few chores and headed to a nature center, which also had a historic schoolhouse alongside it (photos to come!). They loved it. We came home and watched some Wild Kratts for science and Electric Company for English. We tore down tomato plants. We played. Their dad reads to them every night, currently from Swiss Family Robinson. I'm forgetting a bunch of stuff, too!

Today I read to them while Joel started on his project of making his own Pokemon stuffed animals, with his dad's help since I am hopeless at sewing. We had a hermit crab die, so we went to get another one, and Michael used his allowance to buy his own. We cleaned out the old cage and are having a crab funeral. Eva likes to color a lot, and Callie likes to do math worksheets and anything with princesses on it. Sam likes to try to throw a ball over the fence so I have to go get it. We're getting the boys ready to go fishing this weekend with family. We watch Pokemon, we play Pokemon, we read all sorts of books. We work on Scout stuff and Legos. We started a new video game on the computer today called World of Zoo, where the boys build their own zoo and take care of the animals. Right up their alley! Callie learned about the Ice Age and made her own cave drawings.

As time goes on I will log less of our days because I will be too busy living and learning along with my kids. I'll take lots of pictures, we'll make lots of stuff. I'm getting ready to start them on a lapbooking project and will let you know how that goes. There's a Lego unit study we want to try also. Callie got some new princess workbooks at Half Price Books on Monday. Eva loves Littlest Pet Shop and chases Sam around.

I can't wait for tomorrow.

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