Friday, March 5, 2021

What is a Homeschooling Mommybot?

Once upon a time, an internet troll called me a mommybot. I can't even remember what I had posted that prompted them to call me that (rest assured I'll find it in my old journals and update this post). Instead of taking offense, I started a blog to share our fun experiences and resources and hopefully provide some inspiration to others. 

And here on this blog you will always get authentic, real, messy. Just as maybe you are watching me and thinking, "Wow, I could never read aloud to my kids an hour a day; that Kerrie McLoughlin is amazing; and she finds time to write articles and books!" 😂 ... realize that I am also watching other moms and thinking the same kinds of things*. We all have different strengths God has given to us! Always remember this:

What is a mommybot? 

A mommybot can be defined as "a perfect suburban wife and mother. Mommybots can often be found driving about in SUVs, escorting their perfect kids to soccer games, ballet, piano lessons, and private school. When not occupied in this way, a mommybot can be spotted within one of several natural habitats including, but not limited to, its kitchen, Starbucks, the yoga studio and the PTA meeting."

To me, a homeschooling mommybot is someone who is making sacrifices for her children, which is a beautiful thing. I don't think there's any "perfect" about it though, and perfect is unattainable anyway. Perfect is a facade. I prefer real and authentic, even if it's messy sometimes.

Her kids may or may not be involved in a lot of activities (it really can change depending on the kid and their interests). My homeschooling mom friend Jill teaches yoga, so she can be found in a yoga studio sometimes. Yes, most of us have been spotted at Starbucks. No PTA meetings, but yes on co-op committee meetings and planning meetings. She may work outside or inside the home, or she may not. 

We are all different. And that is a very good thing. Because when we all come together (homeschooling or not) in the spirit of kindness and support, we create really amazing families who will hopefully go out and change the world for the better.

*Things I think about other moms:

  • I wish I could decorate like she does.
  • I wish I cared about how to use herbs and spices appropriately.
  • I wish I prioritized things like how to do makeup and dress so that I match.
  • I really need to make sure my kids know (fill in the blank) for their future but I just don't know when the find the time.

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