Saturday, October 22, 2016

Earn #Swagbucks When You Join #Time4Learning

I love Swagbucks as a way to earn extra money. I take surveys, watch videos, do the daily poll, but mostly I get points when I buy things I was already going to buy. For instance, I do a lot of shopping on eBay. Let's say I spend $50 on something like books for homeschooling or pens or you name it. Then I get 50 Swagbucks back ... and sometimes they double it. I also get Swagbucks for surfing the internet, which we all do pretty much daily. Check it out! I also got Swagbucks when I signed up for Time4Learning last spring for my kids. Swagbucks are straightforwards ... it's basically a penny per buck. I usually take my Swagbucks out in PayPal cash and they are quick about it. If you are a blogger, you can also join their influencer program and sometimes get bonuses to post about Swagbucks, assuming you love it like I do :-)

Here's a promotion for Time4Learning they are running. I'll be posting more about Time4Learning on this site as we go through the program. Look for the tag on the side of the blog for Time4Learning. Thanks for reading!

 Earn Up To 2,702 SB

Earn Up To 2,702 SB!

Time4Learning is an online interactive curriculum for students PreK through 12th grade offering 1,500+ multimedia lessons, tools, teaching resources, and more. Combining the technology kids love with the education they need! Watch a 60 second video and earn 2 SB. Sign your child up and earn an extra 300 SB. Stay Subscribed for more than 2 weeks and earn an extra 600 SB and continue for more than 30 days and earn an extra 1,800 SB.*

*Disclaimer: I do receive a Swagbucks bonus when you sign up and I also get a free month of Time4Learning for my family when you join it, love it and stay with it more than 14 days :-)

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