Friday, August 19, 2016

Preparing Your Homeschooling Area for a Fresh Year ... Or Just Leaving It Messy!

I've seen people posting pictures of their super clean desks for their home school year so I wanted to share mine. It's a hot mess just like my personality. That thing wrapped in a towel is a bag of frozen spinach to put on my face for a bad tooth. Oh look, there's the 30-page Excel spreadsheet printout for the seventh edition update of my book that I have to get out someday so we can make some extra money to buy more homeschool stuff. 

But first I have about four days to get out a couple of syllabi. For co-op. 

Oh yeah then there's homeschool planning for five kids for the next year. 

Can you tell I'm clinging to summer? And procrastinating?

Hey, at least I can find everything! Besides, this is more my lifestyle and work desk (the kitchen table). We homeschool mostly at the dining room table and you are not getting a photo of that anytime soon!

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