Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Stuff I Won't Teach My Kids ...

Okay, so this is a list of stuff that I was drilled on in school and tested on and made to understand. Then I promptly forgot it and have NEVER NEEDED IT AGAIN IN MY LIFE. And if I needed to know it for a career, it would likely stick. And these days there is always Google, so knowing WHERE TO FIND THE INFORMATION you need is pretty important,

I don't want my kids to be total freaks, so I will of course touch on these things, but we won't pound them into their little heads while pounding out other, more cool stuff they have in there.

Here we go, and try not to freak out on me here.

1. Genetics and chromosomes and how a DNA strand works.

2. State capitals. If I am dying to know that info for some odd reason I just open my freaking atlas or hit Google. And I don't even have a smartphone.

3. Cursive, except to sign their names.

4. Calculus. Never learned it myself and it never hurt me, but I am also an English gal.

5. How to break up words by syllable. Huh? Why?

6. Latin. Lots of my Catholic counterparts fit Latin into their day but I struggle to fit English and Math in, so if we have time left over we are doing cool crap like Lego Club and Mammal Study and learning science and history that way. They can learn Latin on their own later if they are so inclined.

7. To be crappy to kids because they are younger than they are. I learned this in school very well.

Go ahead and add to the list down here, and check back because I'm sure I'll think of more in the days to come. And if you leave me a comment where you oppose my viewpoint, please be cool. I'm always up for a friendly debate but I'm gonna honestly come back at ya, so don't dish it out if you aren't ready for my answers.

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