Thursday, July 18, 2013

July Homeschool Wrap-Up Posts

Welcome to the wrap-up of my homeschooling posts on Bubblews, where I make money to blog! If you are interested in blogging there at a penny per view, like and comment, here's my referral link. In the meantime, enjoy my homeschool blitz over there!

  1. A Simple Plan Homeschool Lesson Planner. I've resorted to using a new planner. I didn't want to wait for the $1 ones to come out at Target and was sick of switching back and forth for each kid. Here's my review so far!
  2. "We're Not Studying That This Year" is about me overhearing a mom say this to her kid and wondering why the kid can't just study that one extra thing he was interested in.
  3. Mardel's Annual 20% Off Sale is about how I accidentally went to Mardel on their annual sale day and ended up whipping out the credit card when I went for one thing!
  4. What I Bought at Mardel ... this is what I got when I went!!! A peek inside a homeschool mom's mind and house.

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