Monday, May 20, 2013

Use Online Games to Learn

Do homeschooled kids get bored? Oh, yeah, they get bored.

I mean, the schools have a kid for about 7 nice, structured hours a day. Then a kid gets home from school and has homework and other activities like Scouts, sports, playdates, parties, etc. Still, EVERY kid gets bored no matter where they go to school or how busy they are kept!

So when my kids say they are bored, I first steer them toward CHORES!

After that, I might let them play something online that uses their brain, like hangman or crossword puzzles or a word search. Hey, I don't know about you, but all this counts as English in our curriculum!

So when I found I was thrilled!

They have all these versions of Hangman, which my kids love to play in the car. They also have all sorts of other games, like a clueless crossword puzzle, and retro stuff like PacMan and Space Invaders!

From their site:

"Hangman is used often by teachers to practice spelling, vocabulary and just for fun. The most popular way to play hangman games offline is to draw blank letters for the chosen word on a paper or on the blackboard and let the players guess the letters. For each incorrect guess, another part of the man is drawn. If the picture is complete before the word is revealed the hangman game is lost and the character is hanged, if the word is revealed before the execution the game is won."

Give them a try next time you're looking for something fun and the kids are bored with their English lessons!

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