Tuesday, May 28, 2013

List of Education Directories

Okay, so I found this list of education directories online. There are 76 sites to check out and they are adding more all the time.

I do have to say the site needs to be proofread (hire me, hire me!), but there are some good sites to head to. Some of my favorites:

#8 Im4Kidz has all kinds of freebies, including coloring pages and teacher freebies and science helps

#1 EduSeek lets you search for educational stuff by age or topic.

Some of the links are broken, and I was disappointed they did not have more homeschooling sites. There are a ton of great homeschooling blogs out there, as well as bigger sites like HomeschoolMath.net and A to Z Home's Cool. Maybe they can work on getting some of those in their directory to really make it shine!

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