Monday, April 8, 2013

Homemade Chore Chart and Toothbrushing Chart

I think I might FINALLY have something in place that will get all the little things done that need to be done around the house. And no, I did not have 5 children so they could be my minions. I am merely instilling responsibility in them now since when they grow up they will be doing chores around their own pad.

Who am I kidding? Odds are at least two of the five will turn out like me: MESSY and SLOBBY but can find anything in a pinch for about 20 years after leaving home and THEN the realization will hit them around 40 that keeping things kinda picked up and purged is a lot easier than cleaning for days at a time after it gets out of hand!

BUT ... as a homeschooler I have to at least try to get my kids ready for the real world. So this is my attempt! Plus we're home messin' the joint up all day; we should all help pick it up!

Head over to my main it's-a-good-crazy blog, The Kerrie Show to get the skinny. (no Weight Watchers pun intended, by the way).

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