Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Home Learning Year by Year

Sometimes I forget that it's been about 7 years since I started homeschooling and that there are new resources out there for me to check out.

I am totally buying this! My friend Tom told me about it and I'm telling you all (especially cousin Sarah) about it! I'm heading to buy it right now!


  1. OCD ole me, I've reproduced K-3rd grade "expectations" in an Excel file and go through the list every three months or so. I even have a "grading" system (X-knows it, N-Nearly there, L-learning, D-Doesn't know, ?-Not sure she needs to know it).

    It satisfies the box-checking part of me so that the unschooler can get back to creating learning opportunities.

    1. and this is why OCD is good sometimes! i like your system ... a lot. you have this book, then? that's where you got the expectations? i was thinking of doing that, too, retyping in excel so i can print when i want for each kid. i have the box checker mentality, also, but also want lots of time for them to screw around! (and for me to screw around!)

  2. thanks for the ideas ladies! :-)



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