Tuesday, November 8, 2011

2011 LEGO Smart Creativity Contest

Ah, man, the deadline for this was October 14, so I'm only about a month late finding it. Maybe if I had been on top of my article about Junior FIRST Lego League, I would have found it sooner. Anyway, here is the info on it for next year in case you are interested. It is totally open to home educators! I'll grab the 2012 rules and post them next year when they go up!

In 150 seconds or less, we challenge you to:
Show us how you use
LEGO Education solutions
to spark student innovation!
Whether you capture student innovation in the form of a LEGO-inspired animation, student-produced skit, or by performing an original song that plays tribute to the creativity of the LEGO brick, we challenge you to be creative and let that innovative spirit shine!

What is this year’s LEGO Smart Creativity Contest challenge?

The 2011 LEGO Smart Creativity Contest challenge is to create a video, no longer than 150 seconds in length, which showcases how you use LEGO Education solutions to spark student innovation.

Contestants are encouraged to think beyond the books and focus on the power of the LEGO brick! Maybe your entry will feature students writing and performing a skit or perhaps you would like to sing an original song! You could even create a LEGO brick animation!

Who can enter the 2011 LEGO Smart Creativity Contest?

The LEGO Smart Creativity Contest is open only to educators; it is not a student contest. K-12 public, private, and home educators residing in the U.S. are eligible to participate.

Interested participants must complete an online registration form, located at www.LEGOeducaiton.us/CreativityContest, to become a qualified contestant for the 2011 LEGO Smart Creativity Contest.

I am a homeschool educator, am I eligible to compete?

Absolutely! Homeschool educators have always been eligible for the LEGO Smart Creativity Contest.

I picked my category and registered for the contest. What do I do next?

Make a video! Once you have registered and have received confirmation from LEGO Education as a LEGO Smart Creativity Contest participant, your next step is to develop your contest video entry!

Entries must be no longer than 150 seconds (2.5 minutes) and be accessible publically online. Videos must include at least one LEGO Education product, incorporate student/classroom involvement, and include one teacher or administrator in footage.

As a contestant you must also follow all federal, state, municipal, and district laws regarding the use of student images, logos, trademarked lyrics or other third party items you include in your contest entry.

Our entry is ready! What do I do now?

First, you will need to post your entry to a public online video forum, such as YouTube or TeacherTube. It is important this is a public forum so other contestants and the judges can view your entry.

Once your entry is uploaded to a public video forum, you will want to complete the 2011 LEGO Smart Creativity Contest Entry Form available at www.LEGOeducation.us/CreativityContest. Entries are due by 5PM CST on October 14, 2011.

Why do I have to enter my email address when I submit my entry?

When developing the LEGO Smart Creativity Contest we wanted a way to ensure only qualified contestants were entering videos for competition. To do this we elected to use contestant email addresses as a way to track if a submitted entry was valid.

When contestants click the Submit Entry button they will be asked to provide the email address they registered with to obtain access to the Entry Form. If you forgot your email address or have not registered, instructions are provided to help.

Where can I view entries from fellow contestants?

Submitted entries will be listed on www.LEGOeducation.us/CreativityContest. Entries will be posted once they have been reviewed and meet the requirements for the contest.

When will winners be announced?

Winners of the 2011 LEGO Smart Creativity Contest will be announced at the Education Summit hosted by LEGO Education and National Instruments on November 16, 2011.

Do I need a LEGO Smart Kit to compete in this year’s contest?

No. The LEGO Smart Kits provided to the first 8,000 public/private school contestants and 2,000 Homeschool contestants, are not required to participate in this year’s LEGO Smart Creativity Contest.

Have more questions? E-mail LEGOsmart@LEGOeducation.us!

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