Monday, September 12, 2011

Cheapskate Homeschooling

I could have easily called this blog "Cheapskate Homeschooler". The other day I picked up from the $1 Target bins:

Math Bingo
Time Bingo
United States workbook
Division workbook
Multiplication workbook
Dinosaur workbook

The workbooks are great because they don't have very many pages, so they aren't daunting. I just leave them sitting around (or is it setting?), and the kids do them whenever.

As for the Math Bingo, well ... Michael just kicked my butt at it twice. He goes, "16x2 is the same as 20 + 12, right?" and I had to think about it for a minute because he just thinks differently than I do (he's smarter). That, and I was probably taught only one way to do a math problem but we teach him several different ways. He's getting it!

And again I say, Who needs a $300 curriculum to teach kids? By the same token, why do our damn schools NEVER have enough money and act like blood-sucking leeches? I thought the casinos and lotteries would have had schools all blinged out in diamond-studded front doors by now, wouldn't you? So why are they always in need of money and endlessly doing fundraisers and ...

Never mind. Here's a link to get your own math bingo so you can be cool like me :-)

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