Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Public School is Bad, Wrong, Evil

Just kidding! Sheesh. Calm down, will ya?

I just stopped by to say that I went to public school from the time I was a wee lass of 5 until I was almost 18. In Kansas you only HAVE TO GO from the ages of 7 to 16, but my parents are sticklers like that.

Anyway, I had a school experience like probably most people. In elementary school I was bullied on the way home. I am an only child, so it was easy to pick on me. I was also, like I said, a wee lass.

I didn't tell my parents about it. It happened again in junior high. Mean girls would corner me in the bathroom and push me up against walls and threaten to beat me up. High school was fine ... I fit in where I could and discovered boys, a little bit unfortunately :-) OK, I lied ... I discovered boys in like kindergarten.

I don't remember a lot of great teachers, although there were some. The rest just seemed pissed off most of the time. The things I remember most are talking too much in class because I was bored, waiting for other kids to get their crap done so we could move the hell on, waiting for papers to get passed out and recess never being long enough. I totally remember field day, lunch, getting rewards to NOT talking in class and for reading, the occasional interesting text (Anne Frank, The Outsiders, The Pinballs), the occasional movie (A Christmas Story, Rebel Without a Cause), the occasional interesting project (caring for an egg, the dreaded timeline project from the turn on the century).

The meanest teachers were usually my faves because I had someone to please, someone to be scared of, a reason to work. The sweet ones, the pushovers, were a nice diversion. Learning something was just a means to get a grade, to do well on a test, to get the semester grade, to move on with my class. It was not something to do for fun, although I read my own picks like crazy in my off time.
I don't remember a lot about school, I have to say. I'm not saying my parents would have been good homeschoolers. It is NOT for everyone to take on for sure. But for those of us who have been called, let's go for it!

What was my point? Hmmm. I guess just that school in general is certainly not bad. I went there and I got out and I think I'm smart enough to homeschool 5 kids and be a published writer. Some kids LOVE LOVE LOVE going to school. I know homeschoolers who have a couple in public, a couple in private and a couple are homeschooled. Why not? That may be me someday. I've met super sweet school kids and jerk homeschooled kids.

Oh, here's another point then: kids are kids. Do your best while you have them (they are on loan from God, says the Mommybot). I think a lot of kids aren't jerks because of the school system but because THEIR PARENTS ARE JERKS ..,. it's true and you know it.

So now I will work on cleaning up my vocabulary and being more patient so maybe my kids will model those behaviors.

Where did you go to school?

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  1. time line yuck! Warren and I still talk about it! I loved Junior High, sorry if it was not good for you. I apologize for one who thought being mean was a good idea. Odds are that most ended up at AEP or Warren has had the privlege to run into them on a regular basis... for the wrong reasons of course!



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