Friday, August 26, 2011

The Definition of a Mommybot

Here is's definition of a Mommybot. I couldn't resist looking it up. Just a little something fun for you to start out your homeschooling day. I have to admit I like the dig at sororities, though :-)

A perfect, suburban wife and mother. Mommybots can often be found driving about in SUVs, escorting their perfect kids to soccer games, ballet, piano lessons, and prep school. When not occupied in this way, a Mommybot can be spotted within one of several natural habitats including, but not limited to, its kitchen, the mall, the day spa, or the bed of whomever will pay/donate to its favorite cause.

     As Mommybots are not distinct entities, it's hard to differntiate between them. Some Mommybot factories, however, produce models with specific features and upgrades, though the availability if these depends on the financial status of the interested husband/purchaser. Southern California, for instance, is known for producing the most aesthetically-pleasing Mommybots, while Las Vegas manufactures the kinkiest.
"Did you know that all colleges have secret off-campus Mommybot Factories?"
"In the biz, they refer to those as 'Sororities'."

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  1. I'm a chess mommybot. What's your attachment feature??



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